MisFitted Racing Decals

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Ever thought it would be cool to give your Race Car the last final touch before hitting the Nürburgring?
Then these Racing Decals are for you! You can choose from different color options, and personalize your custom flag, number and name.

Price is for two units.

Please keep in mind that once you order one of these Racing Decals and we both agreed on its look, it will take around a week to have yours ready to be shipped out. 

Every Racing Decal is made of durable premium 6 year outdoor vinyl made by Oracal. WET application is recommended , allowing the decal to be re-positioned if needed.
The Decals are 40cm wide x 50cm high and will fit almost any vehicle.

Estimated install time: 5-10 minutes

IMPORTANT: We do not offer a warranty on this product unless we install it.
If you need help with installation, please consult a professional vinyl installer.

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