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Every single banner has a unique number from 01/05 to 05/05 on it, so let the race begin!
Remember that these will NOT be reprinted, so you will have a very exclusive windshield banner that literally no one will ever have the possibility to buy again.

Our Windshield Banners are made of durable premium 6 year outdoor vinyl made by Oracal. WET application is recommended , allowing the banner to be re-positioned if needed.
The Banners are 60x10" (148x25cm) and will fit almost any vehicle.

We recommend using a Soapy Solution with a couple drops of dish-washing liquid in a whole squirt bottle full of water. Applying the banner on a wet surface will allow you to repositionate the banner until it sits perfectly.
Before removing the transparent protection layer from the vinyl, please allow the banner to be dry without any water left below it. Otherwise you might pull the vinyl from the window again.

Estimated install time: 10-20 minutes

IMPORTANT: We do not offer a warranty on this product unless we install it.
If you need help with installation, please consult a professional vinyl installer.


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